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How to Create a Shopify discount code banner

Cam Sloan
Cam Sloan

Promotions are a proven method to drive traffic and boost sales, and what better way to amplify your offers than with a discount code banner on Shopify? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Craft a Catchy Discount Code:

Before anything, create a memorable discount code. Whether it’s “SUMMER10” for a summer sale or “FIRSTBUY” for new customers, make it relevant and easy to remember.

2. Designing the Banner:

Use Online Tools: Platforms like Canva provide straightforward tools and templates to design banners. Clear Messaging: Highlight your discount code prominently. Consider phrases like “Use Code: SUMMER10 for 10% Off”. High-Quality Imagery: A vibrant, clear background image or color can make your code stand out.

3. Uploading to Shopify:

Go to your Shopify dashboard. For placing it on the homepage, navigate to Online Store > Themes. Click on Customize. Depending on your theme, select sections like “Slideshow” or “Image with text” and add a content block if necessary. Upload your discount code banner. Link the banner to your shop or specific product collections where the code applies.

4. Enhancing with Apps:

For a more dynamic discount code banner, consider Shopify apps:

Quick Announcement Bar: Enables creating banners with varying designs. Discount Code Reminder: Reminds visitors of your discount code before they leave.

5. Mobile Optimization:

A significant chunk of users will access your store via mobile. Ensure your banner remains visually appealing and readable on smaller screens.

6. Track & Analyze:

See how effective your discount code banner is:

Track code usage in the Discounts section of your Shopify admin. Use built-in analytics to monitor traffic spikes or increased sales after banner implementation. 7. Rotate for Freshness:

Change your discount codes and banners periodically to offer variety and keep your audience engaged.


Creating a discount code banner on Shopify not only entices your visitors but can significantly improve conversions. By following this guide, you can seamlessly promote your offers, encouraging more customers to make a purchase. Happy promoting!