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How to create a free shipping banner in Shopify

Cam Sloan
Cam Sloan

Free shipping isn't just an attractive proposition for customers; it’s a strategic move for merchants. By offering free shipping, businesses often see an increase in average basket size as customers are more inclined to add items to their cart. Highlighting this offer with a well-placed banner on your Shopify store can further amplify conversions. Let's guide you through creating an effective free shipping banner:

  1. Set Up Free Shipping:

First and foremost, ensure you’ve set up free shipping in your Shopify settings:

Go to your Shopify dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Shipping and delivery. Under “Shipping rates at checkout”, add or modify a rate that offers free shipping.

  1. Designing the Banner:

Online Design Tools: Platforms like Canva offer customizable banner templates. Clear Messaging: Your message should be straightforward, such as “Enjoy Free Shipping On All Orders!” Use Captivating Imagery: Consider images that evoke freedom or swift movement, like birds or vehicles.

  1. Uploading to Shopify:

Head back to your Shopify dashboard. For the homepage display, select Online Store > Themes. Click on Customize. Depending on your theme, locate sections like “Slideshow” or “Image with text”. If required, add a new content block. Upload your free shipping banner image. If needed, link it to a FAQ or information page about your shipping policies.

  1. Utilizing Shopify Apps:

For added functionalities, consider these apps:

Quick Announcement Bar: Perfect for displaying top-bar banners with your free shipping message. Free Shipping & Hello Bar: Customizable bars that can also show free shipping goals (e.g., “Spend $10 more for free shipping!”).

  1. Mobile Optimization:

Ensure your banner looks and functions well on mobile devices, as a significant percentage of shopping is done on smartphones.

  1. Test & Monitor:

Check how your free shipping offer impacts sales and cart abandonment rates. Use Shopify's analytics to monitor any increase in orders since the implementation of the banner.

  1. Keep it Updated:

If your free shipping offer is for a limited time, be sure to update or remove the banner when the promotion ends to avoid confusion.


Promoting free shipping with a dedicated banner on Shopify can be a game-changer for your online store. By emphasizing this offer, you can incentivize purchases and improve customer satisfaction. Implement your banner today and watch as your cart conversions soar!