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How to Increase Average Order Value on Shopify

Cam Sloan
Cam Sloan

Increasing Average Order Value on Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Average Order Value (AOV)?

Before diving deep into the tactics to boost your Shopify store's earnings, it's essential to understand one of the most crucial metrics in e-commerce: Average Order Value (AOV). AOV represents the average total of every order placed with a merchant over a defined period. Simply put, it's the average amount spent each time a customer places an order on your site.

To calculate AOV, you divide your store's total revenue by the number of orders: AOV= NumberofOrders / TotalRevenue ​

A higher AOV indicates that, on average, customers are spending more every time they make a purchase. By focusing on increasing your AOV, you can boost your revenue without necessarily having to win more customers. Here's how to do it on Shopify:

How to Increase Average Order Value on Shopify

  1. Product Bundling

Bundles: Group complementary products together at a discounted rate. For instance, if you're selling skincare products, offer a bundle with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Volume Discounts: Encourage buying in bulk or multiples by offering a discount. "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" is a classic example.

  1. Upselling and Cross-selling

Product Recommendations: On product pages, showcase higher-end alternatives or related items. For instance, if a customer is looking at a basic coffee maker, highlight a premium version with more features. Checkout Suggestions: During checkout, recommend additional items that complement their cart's contents.

  1. Loyalty Programs

Reward frequent shoppers with points for every purchase, which can later be redeemed for discounts or free items. This encourages larger purchases to earn more points.

  1. Offer Free Shipping Thresholds

If you offer free shipping, set a minimum spend requirement. For instance, "Free shipping on orders over $50." This can prompt customers to add more to their cart to reach the threshold.

  1. Gift Cards

Promote gift cards, especially during holidays or special occasions. Customers often spend more than the gift card's value, increasing the AOV.

  1. Limited-Time Offers

Create a sense of urgency with limited-time sales or discounts on higher-priced items. The fear of missing out can lead to bigger purchases.

  1. Showcase Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews, especially on premium products, can reassure customers about the quality, pushing them to invest more in their purchase.

  1. Offer a Flexible Return Policy

A generous return policy can give customers the confidence to buy more, knowing they can return items they're unsatisfied with.

  1. Implement a "Save on Bundled Shipping" Strategy

Offer reduced shipping rates when customers buy multiple items, encouraging them to purchase more in a single order.

  1. Educational Content

Use blogs, videos, or tutorials to educate customers on the benefits of premium products or the advantages of buying in sets/bundles.


Increasing the Average Order Value on Shopify isn't just about selling more; it's about selling smarter. By providing value, building trust, and creating incentives for customers to spend more, you can significantly boost your store's revenue. Start with a few of the strategies mentioned above, test their effectiveness, and refine your approach to continually enhance your store's performance.